Telemann – Pariser Quartette No 1-3

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767): Pariser Quartette Nr.1-3 (1738)

Released: March, 2013 at Deutsche Harmonia Mundi

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Released: October 9, 2012 at Deutsche Harmonia Mundi


Cage: Six Melodies
Santana: KaLiMa
Bishop: Suite for two Bass viols
Wolff: For 1, 2 or 3 People
Cornell: Reis Glorios Variations


Hille Perl (Viola da gamba), Lee Santana (Lute)

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Cover of the album Pentagram by Lee SantanaReleased: August 2011 at Deutsche Harmonia Mundi

Suite HP (1987)

1 I. Unmeasured Prelude
2 II. Chaconny
3 III. Plainte
4 IV. Passacaglia
5 Pavane en forme d’une Complainte (from “Le Secret des Muses”)
6 Courante de la Complainte (from “Le Secret des Muses”)
7 Volta de la Complainte (from “Le Secret des Muses”)

Pentagram Suite (1992)

8 I. Prelude
9 II. Plainte
10 III. Cantique
11 IV. Querelle
12 V. Chaconne de la Complainte
13 Guinnevere (2009) – Sonate in Form einer Erinnerung
14 Chaconne

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Loves Alchymie

CD-Cover: Loves AlchymieHille Perl, Dorothee Mields, Lee Santana

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The Age Of Passion

The Age Of Passion CD

The Age Of Passion CD

Hille Perl, Petra Müllejans, Lee Santana, Karl Kaiser

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Los Otros: Lee Santana, Hille Perl, Steve Player

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De Profundis

De Profundis Ad Stellammusic for three basses and three bass instruments

Basses Alain Buet, Paul Willenbrock and Philippe Roche (Tre Bassi) meet Hille Perl, Michel Godard and Lee Santana (Viola da Gamba, Serpent, Theorbo), celebrating a dark but beautiful soundscape consisting of Compositions from ancient masters, improvisations and contemporary works by Godard and Santana.
Recorded by John Hadden in Eglise St. Martin, Courtisols, France


In Darkness let me dwell


John Dowland

Dorothee Mields, Sopran
Hille Perl, Viola da gamba
Lee Santana, Laute
Sirius Viols


Cradle of Conceits

Cradle of ConceitsLee Santana – Anthony Holborne

Fantasies, airs and dances written by english renaissance composer and lute-player Anthony Holborne (1545-1602), played by Lee Santana on lute, cittern and bandora in an enchanting and spirited interpretation.


The Star and the Sea

The Star and the Seamusic for viola da gamba and lute by lee santana

“…not great symphonies of revelation or bombastic gesamtkunst, but a very small, clear, sweet stream of sound… everything is accidental and predetermined. Accidently intentional, intentionally accidental” Lee

“We sit here very still and play our music for you which is the essence of all our thoughts that cannot be put into words…” hp